#11: Low Glycemic Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies are delicious. They are convenient, fun to eat and full of good stuff, right? Well, the answer is maybe. The macronutrient profile of smoothies varies so much depending on the ingredients used. You could get a Red Dragon smoothie from Juice Generation that has a whopping 67g of carbs, 2g of protein and 0g of fat or you could choose the Joyful Almond smoothie which has 32g of carbs, 12g of protein and 20g of fat which will help regulate your body's absorption of sugar. After drinking 40 grams of sugar as in the Red Dragon smoothie example, it is likely that your energy will jump up high and then crash real low within the hour. The point is that just because it's a smoothie and is made with fruits, doesn't mean it's healthy. We came up with a truly low sugar smoothie recipe that has the right ratio of carbs to protein to fats, has cinnamon to help with blood sugar regulation and has enough cacao to satisfy anyone's chocolate cravings. This smoothie will give you lasting energy to get you through your busy morning.

Before diving into the recipe, let's get you set up for smoothie success. Here's what you need on hand to get started:

From here you can create a million different variations using flax seeds, maca powder or even avocados! Here's our newest favorite:


1.5C unsweetened almond milk

1 avocado

1/4C frozen blueberries

2 scoops grassfed, vanilla whey protein

3Tbs raw cacao powder

1Tbs raw coconut butter

1/2tsp cinnamon


  • Place all ingredients into a high powered blender.
  • Blend on medium/high until completely combined.
  •  Pour into 2 bowls, top with your favorite toppings like flax or chia seeds and serve with a spoon. 

SERVES 2 - this smoothie recipe is thick and can be served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon OR you can add more almond milk and drink it with a straw out of a glass.

All ingredients used here are organic. Try to use non-GMO and organic products whenever possible. Enjoy!