#19: Mexican Graveyard Bone Broth

Sounds scary, I know. This broth will revive even the toughest ranchero with the flu in no time! Well, in 90 minutes. I have played around with many different ingredients in my chicken bone broths — extra garlic, ginger, leeks, even the greens from organic carrots (delicious). Each time I make a chicken bone broth it comes out a little bit different depending on what ingredients are in season or in my fridge and that is what makes it exciting. When I felt the first signs of the flu coming on yesterday, I pulled out the big guns.

Here is my recipe for fiery, Mexican-inspired chicken bone broth cooked in a 10 quart pressure cooker. I always ask my butcher to remove the spines when I buy chickens and I freeze them to have bones ready for an emergency bone broth. Justin calls the bottom drawer of our freezer "The Graveyard". What do you call yours? You can use whatever chicken parts you have - I listed what I used below.


Chicken parts - 3 chicken spines, 2 chicken wings, 1 drum stick

4 garlic cloves, skins on

1 large onion, skin on and cut in half

3" piece of fresh ginger, skin on and cut in quarters

3" piece of fresh turmeric, skin on and cut in quarters

1 Tbs unrefined sea salt (grey or pink)

7 black peppercorns 

1 Tbs raw apple cider vinegar

1/2 bunch of fresh cilantro

1 jalapeño pepper, cut in half, keep the seeds and stem


  • put all ingredients in a pressure cooker and cover with filtered water. You can fill it to the indicated maximum line. 
  • following the instructions for your pressure cooker, seal it and bring to a boil until it starts whistling. Lower the heat to medium and start counting the time from this point. 
  • Maintaining a rolling boil and gentle whistle, pressure cook for 90 minutes. 
  • After 90 minutes, turn off the heat, allow to rest and release the pressure knob. 
  • Once cooled, strain the broth with a metal sieve. 
  • Drink a mug several times a day if you are knocked out with a cold or the flu. For extra gut and immune strengthening benefits, add a tsp of grassfed gelatin to each cup.